October 02, 2007


James has just reminded me that Boris Johnson is running for Mayor of London with this post of effusive praise. Having read what James said, I think its time for something else to have an airing, because James didn't comment on how good Johnson was as a footballer. Whether you like football or not, just take a look at Boris's approach to tackling...

Its a wonder he isn't playing for England!


Lord Higham-Johnson said...

Now if he could only do this with Red Ken the Newt, he'd have it in the bag.

The major issue is whether you wish to save either:

1. pigeons, routemasters and cricket;
2. newts.

There is the Londoners' choice.

Gracchi said...

What does the anti-pigeon anti-newt voter do?

I'm only joking- I am genuinely unsure who to go for. We'll see, but I think unseating Ken could be a difficult challenge though Johnson has the name recognition to give it a go.