November 05, 2007

Conspiring with them Liberal Lefties

Well the Liberal Left Conspiracy came to the internet today- obviously as a group it has existed for a long time- liberals and lefties, the gay mafia, the illuminati and the free masons not to mention commies and various others have been conspiring for years which is why they have been quite so successful on both sides of the Atlantic in maintaining their control over the world. I am one of the conspirators as anyone looking at the roster will know- and I have to say I'm proud to be. The right has organised brilliantly on the internet- and Conservative Home is a really good clearing house for rightwing ideas- I know some of the best rightwing bloggers like say Matt Sinclair have written there. There isn't really any equivalent place to meet leftwing people and discuss politics on the net- Labour home is not as good as Conservative Home, its often too insular and focused in on Labour party internal affairs, other places are dominated by different sectional interests- its time the left came together in the UK on the net- and this is one option, lets hope it succeeds for doing that.

Ok lets turn to the whole idea of the liberal left- what does it mean to be on the liberal left and why do those words fit together. Lets define them first: broadly speaking I think that to be on the left is to be concerned about equality, and that to be liberal is to be concerned about freedom. The point about equality is that it produces freedom. Wealth is power- money would be nothing unless it had a value and that value is the goods and services it commands. The more wealth that someone has and the more independent that wealth from the interference of others, the freer they are to gain what they want in life. Rightwingers believe that the only obstacle to a free will is a state: they are right that the state can be a significant obstacle to the exercise of a free will, noone with any knowledge of this century could deny that and many on the left stood against the state as it limited the freedom of will (Orwell is a great example) but rightwingers are wrong to say that it is only the state which obstructs freedom. Corporations do too- and even the wealthy can obstruct liberty- both can use the state as well in their own interests- you could argue that that is what the British libel laws do.

Equality is married to freedom thus at a fundamental level- because without equality I cannot be free. Its encapsulated in that old piece of wisdom that beggars can't be choosers- something that the right tend to forget. This isn't an argument for state socialism, it could be but it isn't. It isn't an argument for any particular vision of society. But it is an argument that you cannot have real freedom without having equality, that you cannot be concerned about liberal things, without being concerned about leftwing things. And that goes as well for many of the other battles that the left are involved in, freeing women from the dominion of their husbands, freeing homosexual people from the legal restrictions of those that don't share their morality, freeing the innocent from the tyranny of a despot who would rather hold us all in jail than listen to any of us. All these things are both leftwing and liberal- how they are achieved is a totally separate issue but they can only be acheived if we think about equality and freedom together and try to acheive both through our policies.

That's why I'm conspiring for the liberal left (though I have to say this blog will remain basically what it has always been)!


Matthew Sinclair said...

Your long fight against pigeon-holing is over. The cat is out of the bag.

Life outside the ivory tower is fun, if occasionally bracing :)

Ashok said...

Good luck with this - I hope you're not spreading yourself too thin.

The best thing for the Right in the States would be a form of Arts and Letters Daily with a blog roundup, I'm guessing. The content is already there, it's just a matter of getting the best content to people regularly.

Anonymous said...

But it is an argument that you cannot have real freedom without having equality,

If this is true then working for freedom is inevitably working for equality, so you might as well become a libertarian, and get the equality for free.

edmund said...

I would wish to second Mr Sinclari's walm welcome and pointed comment.

i would say liberal left means a) pro the liberal system (ie not for a form of full scale revolution in the west ). I'd be temped to say more democratic but i think it's more complicated that that the anti-system left has groups that are at least in principle democratic , while the pro system left is often violantly anti Democratic whether in america on Roe vs Wade or in parts of it in Britian with the EU.

ARgualby it also suggests a hostilty to state nationalization and populist collectivism. Finally i think it could be said to at least hint of that part of the left which is elitist rather than populist and non Social-Democratic in its issues. THe left that worries more about closing adoption agenices than raising taxes on high earners.

I'm not convinced freedom as freedom is particularly important to the liberal left as opposed to the basic capitalist/ western system and maybe democrac.

on some of the normative comments
if equality produces freedom would that mean we would all be freer if the richest 90% of us's real income fell to that of the poorest 10%?

What about equality of power? the only realistic form of equality is equality of treatment -attempts ot create equality of outcome among adults ( and indeed as to children) mean you are a) treating people unequally and b)

As for freedom what about freeing adopting agencies or hotel owners (Or indeed adopting cousins) or indeed of parents who wish to offer thier children for adoption? the lack of concern for such freedom by the liberal left shows (which indeed spearheaded the attempt to crush such freedom by force) shows that "freedom" on such issues is propoganda -the real point is hostility to the "traditional" western family and a desire to eliminate it by government action.

DaveHill said...

Beautifully put, fellow conspirator. I'm going to print it out and stick it on the wall above my desk.