November 02, 2007

Glamour Politics

Chris suggests on his blog that all those that report on politics are interested in is glamour not policy. I was quite stunned to read that, having just seen the perfect example, a BBC reporter reporting on the latest report to call into question the efficacy of the government's education spending on literacy didn't bother to analyse whether the report was right or not- oh no she dived straight into what the political consequences of the report might be. No words about how we might evaluate it, what the basis of it was, what teachers thought, why this spending hadn't worked, no real indication about how to judge it for the viewing public, just the kind of reporting that would suffice for a playground- oh there's been a supernova, that means Gordon's down and Dave's up and its all good. That report and the general gossipy tone of BBC news is a great argument for ditching the entire organisation- and sacking all those involved for doltish stupidity!