November 10, 2007

Greek Homosexuality

An interesting article about ancient Greek homosexuality. Its interesting- I can't vouch for its accuracy as this is a subject on which I'm woefully ignorant but have always been partly intrigued by given the many references in Plato to the practise. It turns out as you would expect that homosexuality in Greece evolved over the years- particularly by the end of the Athenian democracy you had people who were as the author suggests what we would recognise as homosexuals. Homosexuality for some men was a stage in development between asexual youth and the marriage bed- but others seemed to delight more in the company of men than of women. Its an interesting subject and if anyone knows more please enlighten me as to whether the assessment in the article is right or not.


Lord Nazh© said...

From all that I have (ever) read, I don't think there were actual 'homosexuals' in Ancient Greece.

I don't suggest that they didn't have same-sex or anything, but simply that they (as a society and a people) were into everyone equally.

The degree of sex among same sexes seems to have been higher amongst the 'wealthy' or educated than the poor but to a degree each group had this phenomena.

It was the period of bisexualism :)

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

Interesting point, LN.

Interesting article in the first place, and thinks for showing it to us, Gracchi.

Interesting, because one of my scheduled posts next week is on this subject.

I don't think there such things as homosexuals OR heterosexuals, just bisexuals who like to compartmentalise.

Jock Coats said...
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