December 09, 2007

Britblog roundup

The Britblog roundup is back. I realise this is early to post it, but I have urgent news, anyone preparing for Breakfast don't eat it in St Pancras, eat it at Sylvie's in New York- that comes straight from the London Review of Breakfasts! Now we have the urgent stuff out of the way, I'm imagining you sitting down to that perfect Sylvie's breakfast in New York, unfurling a copy of your favourite paper. Its got updates about the debate about the ethics of libertarians in the blogosphere from one of their critics, Paulie, and from an objective observer, Larry Teabag. Cassilis provides an emmaculate dissection of claims about New Labour's effect on the state and casts scorn on those who believe that Brown is Stalin. In the left hand corner of the page, there is a nice chess problem from the Brixton and Streatham Chess Club (the solution is over the page). Talking of problems your eye is caught by a perceptive leading article about Islam- brought by the Wardman Wire.

So much for the paper, what about the important question of the day- food. Well there is first the question of whether to eat a peach- Claire would agree its a vital life changing question. After last night's Respect meeting in North Manchester (if you want to remember it John has some details here) not to mention getting lost on a hike earlier because you hadn't taken Dave's advice about how to use a map, you need a good old fashioned English breakfast. You are like the Labour party, you don't need a whippersnapper of a thirty year old, but an old veteran like Lord Whitty to take control in your stomach. Don Paskini would agree. Well, well, well that looks like an unappetising sausage. You are starting to feel resentful: almost as resentful as Lenin does about dress down Fridays. Staring out the window though, you realise you aren't suffering as much as that tree that the Constant Gardener is trying to help.

And as the sapling is deformed by gardening, we are deformed by capitalism. You are an architecture student, that makes money on the side from reading movie scripts- time to refresh your memory for those vital commandments of script reading, anything to forget the frustrations of architecture classes (poor Alice yesterday having to redo her designs again). As you rifle through the pile of scripts, remember at least you aren't a scheduler, it was only yesterday that the cinephile was telling you all about his traviles in that business. Time to attend to that porridge, its very stodgy today, not so good for a sound stomach- like Echo you've found that fewer oats makes a calmer pony or person. I'd turn back to the newspaper, as James Hamilton the wise philosopher says, in the end all that remains of us is our blogs and articles, the rest is whimsy.

Turning back to the paper, what's this yet another humurous article from Vino, apparantly the right in America are plus zioniste que le premier ministre d'israel! Over the page, there is the debate section and those comments are ferocious- especially on Sunny's article about Muslim being the new black. You hadn't realised it but this is one of those controversial papers- that aims to get a reaction- Chris Dillow's discussion of star power, Dave Osler's article on Christianophobia and Matt Sinclair's mixture of Stoicism and Nietzsche are all fascinating and provocative. Its funny reading all these articles but suddenly your mind goes back to the illogicality of the English language- as the Thunderdragon said how can we expect foreigners to understand it, when even we can't sometimes. Well, well, well life is illogical- I mean as the Croydonian joked last week only 97% of Catholics say that they believe in God, yup there are 3% of the Catholic population wandering round, going to Church who don't believe in God, that's not to mention Atheists who do! Time to focus, afterall you are the lay preacher giving the sermon today, and it might be the only day that someone comes, what are you going to say to reel them in- consider it carefully.

You try but of course your mind keeps wandering, where is that cup of tea! Does the footballing future really belong to London and Plymouth Argyll, was Dave Cole right to love Erik Ringmar's study of Blogging so much, how can Grendel be right that more Americans beleive in hell than evolution, the world is filled with dilemmas to think about on a sunny Sunday morning. Ahhh and so much to look forward to- from the Lions going to the Southern hemisphere in 2009 to JMB's digest of the latest from the Blogpower collective. Its been a good week overall- the football game on Saturday was great- well refereed as well- JK even produced a match report saying why he didn't give that penalty (it was cast iron from where you stood). And last but far from least, it was the Dandy's birthday- who'd have thought that according to Christopher your early copies of the comic would be so valuable now.

Ah well, time to glug down that last gulp of tea- you have work to do- another Sunday, another week- and next week of course another Britblog!


jmb said...

You're pretty good at this roundup thing Gracchi.

I enjoyed this one and there are some pretty good posts linked here. I had no idea that comments were so heated in some parts of the bloggosphere. I must be in a back eddy.

Thanks for the link, quite the surprise.

Gracchi said...

I really enjoy it actually!

Thanks JMB- well the BP roundup that you did was fantastic and deserved a link!

Bretwalda Edwin-Higham said...

Fine compilation, dear sir.