December 06, 2007

Considering Condi

A really fascinating Bloggingheads diavlog on Condi Rice, Bush's National Security Advisor and then Secretary of State, its well worth watching for several reasons. The inter agency politics of the Bush administration- Bush telling Andy Card you are the Chief of Staff get a cheese burger or the way that Cheney took charge at the National Security Council. Furthermore there are fascinating insights into the personalities- the effect of Karen Hughes who came along and made the State Department respond much quicker to rumours in the Middle East. Condi Rice also seems focussed on the first Bush administration- it went well then, so the argument is that it the same policies that worked on Germany would work in Korea, or that the same democratic flowering in Eastern Europe would work out in the Middle East. Furthermore Rice has consciously immitated the style of Jim Baker, Bush 1's secretary of state. This is a truly interesting insight into the minds of the current administration- well worth watching.