December 19, 2007

Just a little point about comments

Just a little point on comments- generally I don't delete comments unless they are abusive or obviously spam. I've got two comments over the last couple of days which have basically been compliments with the web address for a gaming website affixed. I'm afraid I treat such comments as spam and do delete them. If you want your comments to stay up, then don't reccomend completely out of context a gambling website at the end of the comment.


Dave Cole said...

I'm afraid those are just spam comments. I have a thing called Akismet on my blog that works pretty well. Fortunately, it always picks up the paedophilic porn.

Political Umpire said...

It amazes me who sits there and comes up with these things to avoid comments filtering methods (eg word recognition). How many customers do they get from people reading their spam and going gosh! Terrific idea! A gambling website, I'm in .... etc