December 04, 2007

Republican Primaries

I've just put an article up about the Republican primary over at Bits of News. It doesn't say anything particularly interesting- only explains a recent Rasmussen poll which has all the Republicans levelpegging more or less.


Lord Nazh said...

How do you miss the fact that 99% of the people that don't like McCain don't like him because of the amnesty he tried to get passed (with W) this year?

McCain is about McCain-Fengbold yes, but also a lot about illegal immigration.

Gracchi said...

Tiredness miLord and also the Republicans I meet in the UK who tend not to be so bothered about immigration and more about McCain Feingold. But I agree I should have put that in- you are absolutely right! :)

Lord Nazh said...

ILLEGAL immigration Gracchi :)

that word seems so hard for some to say (not necessarily you)

Gracchi said...

Point taken :D though I don't want to get into the US debate on immigration- the UK one is enough excitement for me!