January 21, 2008


Could I reccomend this Bloggingheads dialogue- Megan McCardle examines the economic advisors to the Presidential candidates, Spencer Akerman the national security advisors- its well worth listening too- particularly when it comes to the differences economically between Hillary and Obama.


Ashok said...

I'm boycotting bloggingheads because of what Crooked Timber is doing to Jonah Goldberg. I cannot believe how cruel they are, and how there are no repercussions for an attitude I would disown children for having:


If my kids grew up to be Henry Farrell, or any of the commentators on that thread save a few, I'd probably kill them and myself. Their attitude is a disgrace, I don't care how wrong Goldberg is. You just don't treat people that way under any circumstances.

Gracchi said...

Ashok I agree that you don't treat people by dismissing them out of hand- I haven't read Goldberg's book- I actually saw the diavlog in question. It is worth saying that Farrell says Goldberg is an idiot, but then Goldberg is saying that Hillary Clinton is a fascist. Anyway as to Bloggingheads- they have done an episode with Goldberg and Will Wilkinson where Goldberg defends his opinions here.

Ashok said...

It's not what Farrell calls Goldberg as much as the mob mentality he's promoting. That's the deeper problem - maybe Goldberg is a populist hack, fine. Should academics be populist hacks?

If the answer to that question is anything less than "no," then there is no academy.

Gracchi said...

Oh I agree with you on that then- I think as you know that conversations ought to be held with civility. Especially if you think someone is being foolish- you presume that everyone is engaged in the political discussion because they want to do good- and therefore you have to argue properly with them.

I was more concerned with bloggingheads than Farrell