January 24, 2008

Biblical Curse Generator

Courtesy of Vino- I offer you the Biblical insult generator- my favourite so far is

O that thou wouldest be kicked by an incontinent camel, O thou bull of Bashan!

Take that you bulls of Bashan!


ThunderDragon said...

My favourite so far is:

I pray thou shalt be trampled by a herd of stampeding pigs, O ye offspring of a squashed cockroach!

Winchester whisperer said...

May your she-goats cast no young

Dave Cole said...

"Behold, thou shalt go about weeping and wailing in sackcloth and ashes, thou whose name is but dung!"

Which does sound pretty authentic to ne.

Shades said...

Take heed, O ye love-child of Methuselah, for you will be taunted by the king's concubines!

edmund said...

Behold, thou shalt be smitten with all-over boils, thou armpit of Satan!

Ruthie said...

Hear this, O ye Mesopotomian harlot, for you will be whipped with a thousand scorpions!