January 09, 2008


An interesting post from Iain Dale this evening on rural theatres. Iain wants to know why their funding is being eroded- the answer it seems is that with money tight, the Arts Council are focussing on the 2012 Olympics. What's interesting though is that Iain considers this worthy of blogging- I completely agree with him. One of the sources of strength for conservatism is the notion of organic little platoons which come together to grow civil society- Iain wants those little platoons which cultivate localism and peculiarity to be strengthened and reinforced with public money. I think we should facilitate their growth as well- a small amount of money to a village theatre is something that produces immeasurable goods for a community and fortifies society- its something any real conservative ought to support.


Anonymous said...

Doesn't the same argument (a little goes a long way) apply to other groups e.g. Lee Jasper's beneficiaries?

Anonymous said...

This post makes an important link between Conservative values and community arts - it would be good to hear the link drawn between Conservative values and the wider art sector as well.