January 09, 2008

Dirty Tricks

This is a really interesting interview with a former Republican Dirty Tricks man. I should emphasize that what is interesting is the techniques he describes- they are international- they were used for example in Australia by the liberals and they are used by all sorts of people from the right like the interviewee to the left. It is interesting though to see some of them being rehearsed and its quite an eye opener- some of the techniques- pretending to be the other side and phoning people during the Super bowl are very subtle and clever. All of them tend to make democratic decisions harder- as there are upcoming elections in the US and the UK and other places, we should know about these techniques and beware of them.


Verlin Martin said...

"All of them tend to make democratic decisions harder"

They only affect the decision making process of the uniformed and ignorant electorate that votes for whomever has the issue they pull for.

If people actually knew what the fu@# they were voting for and the people that represent it/them; these 'tricks' would not have any affect whatsoever.