January 03, 2008

Dizzy thinks about the internet

Having myself written about the comparison of UK and US blogs- I was interested to see that Dizzy had looked at the issue- and more interesting than that he has a really good article about it. I don't have much to add- save that I think the institutional distinctions are more important than funding limits because of the potential for out of campaign spending by inexplicitly politically aligned groups- but the article is well worth reading and I reccomend it.


Ashok said...

That is a good read. Did you thumbs-up his article on StumbleUpon? That's the kind of analysis political blogging generally can benefit from.

That having been said, if people have important things to say and serious questions, no amount of markets or laws or anything will constrain political activity. It's entirely conceivable that Dizzy's analysis is exactly right and missing why the griping about the UK's use of the Internet politically is occurring.