March 15, 2008

The surreal comedy of cricket commentary revealed again

This is partly for the Umpire, who must be feeling dire given the situation New Zealand are in. Listening to the cricket commentary on Five Live Extra- I've just heard Mr Boycott give a great quote (in addition to yesterday's comments about how great Ian Botham was, a man Geoffrey told us whose success derived from a big good backside- you have to wonder!), you have to hear this in a Yorkshire accent for it to go down precisely right, but here is Mr Boycott's wisdom

When you get into bad habits, it becomes normal.

It does indeed, Geoffrey! Thanks for telling us.

PS Sorry just heard yet another great Geoffrey moment: 'Andrew Strauss needs to take my uncle Algy's advice', if only he'd listened to Geoffrey's uncle Algy there wouldn't be a problem- again the quote has its best effect when said in a Yorkshire accent! They are now discussing Uncle Algy, apparantly he played for Ackworth, had one eye and smoked under a tree at the end of the over. He was a 'good line and length bowler' and bought our Geoffrey 'pop and crisps'. And now he's off on a real jumpers for goalposts moment.

Cricket commentary is a surreal comedy!

PPS They are now discussing cappucinos in New Zealand!


Christopher said...

I still remember John Arlott.

Political Umpire said...

What I find most amusing about Sir Geoffrey is how he is now the champion of attacking batsman - amazing what retirement does for you.

Robert Winder's Hell for Leather has a classic take on G. B. - how he will spend over after over pointing to where the ball should be, then doesn't bat an eyelid when the bowler finally puts it there and gets smashed for four.

Have posted quite a few times on the series. As the Mayor of Hiroshima allegedly said in 1945: 'the war has developed, not necessarily to our advantage'.

Gracchi said...

I am too young to have heard Arlott :(

Umpire yes he is now a comedy gruff yorkshire man rather than a substantive commentator often.