February 10, 2009


Hello everyone. I'm going to be posting on the blog over the next few days mainly on history. Sulla was another Roman Republican figure of rather different views from Gracchi J. I've been really excited by Gracchi's blog which is one of the best on the internet for history and is really
impressive in its reach (including of course on non historical subjects).

I'm very flattered I've been asked to post on it. As the name Sulla implies I am not speaking for Gracchi (or indeed vice-versa) and all comments posted under "Sulla" are my own-not his. I'd like to emphasise this! Also my nom de guerre should not be taken as an endorsement of all Sulla's policies any more than Gracchi's is necessarily that of the Gracchi brothers!


Georg said...

Bonjour Sulla (or should I call you Sully?),

It might be interesting and worthwhile to know those other well made historical blogs.

This would certainly not downgrade this one. And I suppose history is so vast there is space enough for everybody.


Gracchi said...

Enjoy Sulla: its a good crowd here.

Rumbold said...

Now we just need Marius to show up...

Sulla said...

thanks all for your welcome. hope the first post was ok

I'd prefer not to be called Sully if that's ok with you Georg :)

To be honest I can't think of a good historical blog which is not linked to by this one-which is not the same as saying it does not exist!