July 20, 2009

Intelligence Early Modern style

I just came across a new blog, the Early Modern Intelligencer, its run by a friend of mine, Karen Baston and gives updates on the world of Early Modern history, seminars, conferences etc. Its supposed to be for the Early Modern History Society at Birkbeck College, University of London but its got a wider interest than that- and I think it is a crucial information resource for anyone interested in the period (incidentally they have a conference on Saturday this week which I will definitely be going to and I think would be interesting to most readers of this blog with all sorts of papers from the fascinating (Early Modern Demonology) to the enticing (Revolution and Evolution in Medicine) to the exciting (the Funeral rites of Louis XV). I'll be there and will try and provide an update as soon as the event is over! I reccomend it and the blog.


Karen said...

Cheers! I hope the conference lives up to this billing - See you there!