July 13, 2010

Dave's interview with Mogens Skjolt

I'm posting this in the hope that you go and look at the rest of the interview. Its a really good piece of work by Dave Cole, Dave is a longstanding friend of this blog, his blog is one of the most inciteful around and he has recently started his own youtube channel (available through this video) which is mainly filled with Dave's ruminations about politics. This is a fantastically interesting interview with a former Danish resistance fighter: its worth watching in its entirity (three more videos after this one)- one of the best things about Dave is that he just lets Mogens Skjolt just tell his story, using questions to make sure the story is clear but otherwise letting the subject take control of the interview completely. Its a wonderful interview both because of the subject matter and the person interviewed, but also because of the style in which it is done.


Dave Cole said...

Thanks for posting this, Tiberie. Mogens has a fantastically interesting story to tell about his whole life, and not just this period of it. It is, though, something I think we should remember.

James Higham said...

"his blog is one of the most inciteful around"

Except for usually getting it wrong due to his unfortunate Labourite blinkers.

Don't get me wrong, I like Dave a hell of a lot and count him a friend of mine. In all other matters he is sharp and inciteful.

Not on politics though.