January 01, 2011

Comments policy

I thought I'd clarify something because of something that I came across this evening- I don't want to be mystical about it but that's all I'm going to say. Basically my comments policy on this blog is pretty straightforward: I will publish and respond (if I have time) to any comment that I think is genuinely engaging with what I have to say. I'll be a bit more curt with comments that I think are being curt with me. I won't publish comments that are obviously spam or offensive in some way.

If a comment is acceptable by my criteria and with people like Claude or Goodbanker or Edmund and numerous others that's almost always true, the only reason I won't have published it is that I've just forgotten to check comments recently! I should be better: sometimes I wonder if I should take off moderation, that is until I get attacked by the spammers again. But that's the basic rule: anyone who engages with me as a commenter, who thinks and wants to be in a conversation with me and others will be published: if you don't, you won't.

If anyone is ever worried about a comment not being published do email me on the email address which is around somewhere but is gracchii at gmail and I'll respond.

(And come and look at my website selling spanners is not a comment which is the start of a conversation about near anything this blog covers!)


goodbanker said...


(Only kidding!) Your approach seems fair enough to me. If you wanted to add a further safeguard (beyond allowing people to e-mail you privately to challenge non-publication of their comments), I guess you could periodically (say, once a year) publish a random sample of comments that you've rejected, and let readers of your blog give their views on whether your decision not to publish was appropriate? (And, who knows, depending on the nature of what you had decided not to publish, it might make for a whacky read?!)

Gracchi said...

Ha Goodbanker- I agree with your points here! They are absolutely right.

Not sure about the random selection- almost all of what I delete are the same boring salesmanship for viagra!