March 17, 2012


Apologies for the long hiatus- work has been interrupting blogging as has a determined effort to read more and more. I will get back to blogging though now and am writing an article as I write this.


goodbanker said...

What's going on? Talk about London-bus-syndrome: you have a hiatus that lasts more than a month, and then produce eight substantive posts in the last dozen days. Are you on a break from your (other) work? Either way, it's great to have your thoughts back on stream!

Gracchi said...

Ah the virtues of writing posts over a weekend!

Seriously I decided to get hte production up and I think have got a technique for writing quick posts again! Still working hard though :)

goodbanker said...

I'm intrigued, not least having read a book review (, where the author is quoted as saying "Once we know how creativity works, we can make it work for us". The reviewer claims the second part of this claim "may be overreaching" - but maybe you have discovered the elusive elixir?

Gracchi said...

Seriously speaking its the virtue of posting several posts at the weekend- then scheduling them through the week. Blogger used not to allow you to do this but the software has changed.

Its meant for example that I'm about to run a huge series on Oliver Twist- read it this weekend- I wouldn't have remembered all the articles to write before hand and wouldn't have written them all had I been able to post only day by day. But writing posts in batches and then scheduling them one by one means productivity can rise- even though its happening in short bursts.

Its all in the scheduling- though you may get bored of Dickens for the next week or so :)

goodbanker said...

How disappointing - I was expecting something more enlightening/sophisticated. I'm puzzled that Blogger previously didn't allow you to schedule posts like this: the previous approach is surely completely unenforceable - what's to stop you gaming this, by saving a whole series of posts written at the weekend into Word, and then copying & pasting each of them cross during the course of the week?!

Gracchi said...

Perhaps it did and I didn't know :)

I think as well for the last year I had to do a lot of work outside London and constant travelling takes it out of you more than working in London does.

I think as well I've kind of got the bug back if you like-

but yes the explanations are very prosaic- I wish I had a Wordsworth moment of seeing beauty on a hill or somesuch to relate, but alas its prose all the way down!