October 16, 2012


I apologise again for too long a hiatus. Why did I not write for a while- well because I did not see a purpose in writing and because it became in some sense a chore which I did not understand. When I had that burst of activity earlier this year it was in some sense purposeless: I did not think about why I wrote merely that I wrote. So this post is an effort to redefine this blog- there are plenty of entries on it already and I suppose to offer a manifesto for myself about what this will now be about. It will not be filled with articles or thoughts which are complete: I'm unable to write those with the pressures of work and also just because I cannot do that. It will neither contain political content- which is why the title of blog which has always been a little odd, will now change. Ok what is it about?

One of the ideas that always haunted me when I came to start this thing was the idea of the political blog. For various reasons that's just run away from me. The other idea that I thought of as key to this enterprise was that this was really some kind of common place book. A place where I could gather the fragments of experience together and think about them. That's the idea from now on that I wish to explore. No comment on this blog will be final. No comment on this blog will be worked out beyond the instantaneous moment of idealisation and no comment will be personal. This blog will be about what I have read and what I have seen and what I have thought about- it will be a common place book: a record largely for myself of my own cultural life and my own thoughts. I'm not going to write about politics- partly for work reasons but partly because I think politics is too easy to write about in an unreflective way.

Why do I think blogging is therefore useful? Well I think it may be useful for me to filter those thoughts through others. Possibly its also useful because its a record for me of what I've read. Whether its useful for you to read it, I have no idea. I'm not abandoning readership even though I've become uncertain about it over the last few months- whether anyone read and whether that mattered. I suppose the more that this is a fragment of thought, the more it really matters to me- its a way of capturing my own internal monologue and this time I think that's a more realistic place to go from. Blogging not as a perfect review or an effort to recapture the world- but as a place to record a thought, an idea which may be mad, will be inconsistent but will I hope be useful and interesting to myself and possibly to you.

I apologise for pausing- and I will try not to do so so often in the future!


James Higham said...

Oh, this needs quoting over our way. My only comment is that many people may infrequently comment or even appear to visit but the posts remain there in perpetuity and the things said never die.

goodbanker said...

Welcome back, Gracchi. What happened to comments left during the hiatus? Are these lost in the ether? I recall leaving one a few months ago - but (from dim, distant memory of what it contained) maybe you moderated it out as beint to risque?!

In the meantime, your reference to your "internal monologue" reminds me of Douglas Hofstadter's musings, whose "I am a strange loop" I recently picked up again. Have you read that? (Or his more renowned work "Goedel, Escher, Bach - and Eternal Golden Braid"?)

In any case, good to see some stirrings from you again.

p.s. is it really necessary to change the name of your blog, to avoid upsetting the non-political stipulations of your employer? Surely it's the substance of what you write about that matters, not the initial perception that may or may not be conjured up when a reader alights on your blog name. And I have always rather like WW for its teasingly oxymoronic character! So, in my humble opinion, it would be a shame to let it go. (If you do feel obliged to change it, please will you let us know who these draconian thought-police are that you work for?!)