October 19, 2006

Iraq War Analogies- Tired of Vietnam, try Middle Earth

After this syntillating piece of analysis from Senator Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania, all the analysts in the world need to quit, take it away Rick:

As the hobbits are going up Mount Doom, the Eye of Mordor is being drawn somewhere else, it's being drawn to Iraq and it's not being drawn to the U.S. You know what? I want to keep it on Iraq. I don't want the Eye to come back here to the United States.

Ah if Iraq is Mordor, the US Hobbiton, Bush Frodo perhaps, Rummy Sam does that make Cheney Gandalf. Seriously is there any better analysis of the situation out there- because I think this comparrison of a war which has cost thousands if not hundreds of thousands of lives to a fantasy novel just beats all other Iraq war analogies out of the ground.

Colbert deals with this all here with a slightly different idea of what Santorum means- obviously McCain is Gollum!


edmund said...

what's wrong with using one of the greatest pieces of literature of the last century as a comparision!

I thik it's the flawed nature of the comparision that stieks me, after all we are thankfuly much stronger militarily than the terrorists

Some of the silmarillion would be a much better comparision for Sanctorum(eg the unwisdom in letting morgoth be free of the Valar_) , but that would require levels of the understanding of Tolkien's mmythos that would lose it's populist appeal

Gracchi said...

Its wrong because the comparison is inappropriate- by using this comparison firstly Santorum is being stupid- does this as Colbert says make America Mordor and Iraq Hobbiton. Come on Edmund there are better ways of describing the Iraq war to illuminate it- Santorum wasn't trying to illuminate the situation but to use the analogy to confuse the situation. He was talking down to his constituents by assurign them that there are goodies and baddies in this war in Iraq and by arguing that the Iraqi Sauron is the same as Al Quaeda. This facile analogy should never have passed his lips.

edmund said...

I talked about the flawed nature of the comaprsison" I don't think we disagree, I was defending fantasy comparison not the particular one

john akins said...

I read many comparisons between Vietnam War and Irag, but no one talks about one similarity - what violence does to war fighters.

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Nam Au Go Go is different. It talks about something no one I can find has written about - what violence does to war fighters. How, if combat soldiers and marines see too much, do too much, they can cross a threshold into an adaptation to violence and become addicted to it. When your emotional self is killed off by the insanity of war, survivors of this addiction have a hard time re-connecting with society. Combat is a one-way door. Once you go through, you cannot go back. You are changed.

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